Tom Ashworth – Fire and Fitness Consultancy

Tom Ashworth – Fire and Fitness Consultancy

Tom Ashworth is the Managing Director of Fire and Fitness Consultancy. Tom is a freelance consultant within the public services and private fitness industries.

His expertise in this field has been established over 30 years working for the Fire and Rescue Service as a firefighter, watch manager and physical training instructor.

As one of the first fitness advisors in the UK’s Fire and Rescue Service he was instrumental in establishing, what has become, the ‘gold standard’ policy and practice for the fitness testing, improvement and maintenance of firefighter fitness levels.

As Vice-Chairman of the National Steering Group, Firefit, he has been actively involved in the establishment of fitness testing standards and the development of outstanding practice for the completion of the national testing and monitoring procedures.

His contribution has been recognised beyond the Fire and Rescue Service and he has been involved in consultations at a national and local level with the police and other emergency services regarding the establishment of their own fitness testing strategies and policies.

Throughout his career, he gained both internally and externally accredited qualifications in fitness testing, teaching, personal fitness instructing and ILM management.

He first qualified as a PTI in 1990 and has since conducted thousands of fitness tests including role-based assessments, Chester Step Test, Chester Treadmill Test, Multistage Shuttle Run Test and a comprehensive battery of other recognised industry standard fitness tests within the Fire Service.

In recent years Tom has worked closely with Professor Kevin Sykes, co-delivering professional development courses to occupational health practitioners, fitness trainers and others in both the public and private sectors, responsible for conducting safe, reliable and valid fitness tests.

Having also delivered fitness training courses to Greater Manchester and Lancashire Police Forces, Tom is the only consultant to be endorsed by Professor Sykes to present training seminars on the Chester Step Test, Chester Treadmill Test and Chester Treadmill Police Walk & Run Tests (see testimony below).

Tom is now exclusively available to deliver training courses on the following equipment for sale here at Cartwright Fitness…..

Endorsement from Professor Kevin Sykes

Tom uses his extensive knowledge, skills and work experiences to deliver first-rate professional development seminars and instructional courses for those individuals and groups using the Chester Aerobic Fitness Tests. I can highly recommend him.

Courses offered:

  • Chester Step Test – including the new, more accurate, one minute protocol.
  • Chester Treadmill Fire Walk Test.
  • Chester Treadmill Police Walk Test.
  • Chester Police Run Test.
  • BodyMetrix Professional Ultrasound
  • Gas Analysis Cosmed Fitmate

Also, with his comprehensive knowledge in the field, Tom can offer consultancy on:

  • The introduction and implementation of the correct Fitness Assessment protocol for your organisation.
  • Health and Safety law as well as all other legislation surrounding fitness assessments -including risk assessments and managing organisational risk.
  • Tools to implement and encourage both individual and organisational change around mental and physical fitness, health and wellbeing.
  • Policy and management relating to fitness assessments.
  • The purchase and maintenance of the correct equipment for your organisation.
  • Support, advice and training plans for groups or/and individuals with your organisation.

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