VO2 Test Day

Before the test

Please review the “do’s and don’ts” here.

Aim to arrive 15 minutes before your test; this avoids rushing or being stressed out.

Bring regular training gear, sport-specific clothing. If you’re a runner and doing the test on a treadmill, bring your running shoes and kit.

Cyclists, bring shoes with Shimano SPD cleats (mountain bike cleats not road SPD-R’s) and cycle shorts.

The test itself

You will perform the test on a treadmill or bike. What machine you do the test on matters. This means matching the test to your sport, so if you’re a runner, a treadmill is best. For a cyclist, a stationary bike is best. We can also use cross-trainers, and rowing or ski ergo’s.

We use a blue rubber mask; these are better than the neoprene masks that can leak. The mask will cover your nose and mouth and be connected to our metabolic analyser. We will spend some time getting used to wearing this mask pre-test.

The mask collects the air you breathe in and out, which is analysed to measure your metabolism.

The test itself is short and takes less than 20 minutes, but please allow for a 1-hour appointment.

We use a ramp protocol, this means we up the level of resistance every minute. We use the same protocol for the sub-max and max test. The two tests are identical, the only difference being the time the tests are terminated.


If you have a metabolic condition, please bring something to eat or drink immediately after the test. Because you will have fasted before the test, we will supply a hot drink and something to eat after the test.

The test results will be explained, and you will get a full analysis and review.

You will get your report within 2 working days via email.