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What Are Anthropometric Measurements?

What are anthropometric measurements? Anthropometry is a measurement of the human body. Analysis of the body’s surfaces, mass, stature, skin folds and length of limbs and segments can be used to describe an individual’s phenotype, size, proportions, shape and body composition.

By measuring these variables, we can determine characteristics that may help match an athlete to a particular sport. We can also estimate percentages of fat and fat-free mass to aid performance and it also useful for individuals who are monitoring their weight.

Gaining an understanding of people ratio in particular areas of the body can also act as an indicator of risk factors in developing some clinical diseases in the future. It is evident to see that anthropometry is important in both improving athletic performance and monitoring overall health and wellbeing.

Mobility and range of movement

Flexibility is defined as the range of motion at a single joint or a series of joints.

The range of the movement reflects the kinematic possibilities of the joints being considered which also depends on the ability of the muscles and connective tissue surrounding the joint to be elongated within their structural limitations.

Adequate flexibility is required in the majority of sports where maximum amplitude of movement is required for carrying out the best possible technique or skill. Examining and measuring this component is, therefore, essential to monitor physical conditioning and to assess if reduced flexibility is associated with injury. Cartwright Fitness provides various devices to measure flexibility and mobility accurately.

One of the most established means of measuring an individuals flexibility is the Sit and Reach test. This is the universal test for leg, hip and trunk flexibility. The test is widely used by the majority of Emergency Services in entry protocols, as well as Schools and Health Clubs to decipher a healthy level of flexibility.

A goniometer is a simple device that consists of two rotating arms. It allows us to measure both the flexibility and range of motion in degrees. Flexibility is necessary for increasing range of movement around a joint and minimising the occurrence of injury.

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