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Who is Professor Kevin Sykes?

Professor Kevin Sykes: PhD, MSc, Cert Ed, DASE, DPE, FBAPT, CBiol, MIBiol, FHEA,

Kevin Sykes is Emeritus Professor of Occupational Health and Workplace Fitness at the University of Chester. He previously held the posts of Dean of International Development and Director of the Postgraduate Centre for Exercise and Nutrition Science (CENS) where he developed MSc courses in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, Weight Management and Exercise & Nutrition Science – delivered in Chester, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Dublin.

He has worked closely with surgeons, physicians and other health professionals researching the effects of physical activity and healthy nutrition on prevention and rehabilitation from chronic diseases.

Professor Sykes has been a member of several Home Office Committees and Working Parties for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA), Firefit, Ambulance and Prison Services and has worked for many years with international fire and rescue services, police forces, multinational industries and corporate organisations to promote occupational health and wellbeing.

He is a former member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity, the Westminster Diet and Health Forum, a Trustee of the National Obesity Forum, 2007 Scientific Chair of the British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

He was an author of the Fitech Step Test, a forerunner to the Chester Aerobic Fitness Tests (Chester Step Test, Chester Treadmill Walk Test and Chester Cycle Test) which are now used worldwide in clinical and workplace settings for medico-fitness assessments.

Professor Sykes is the author of 11 books, including a highly successful Penguin paperback, has published over 150 papers in scientific & professional journals and is a television and radio broadcaster, conference and public speaker.

The Chester Step Test, Chester Treadmill Walk Test and Chester Cycle Test, along with all resources including the Chester Aerobic Fitness Calculator software are available from Professor Sykes’ official retailing partner, Cartwright Fitness:

Chester-based Cartwright Fitness work closely with Professor Sykes and the University at Chester on various health and wellness related products and services.

His latest e-book: ‘Exercise and Health – A Laypersons Guide’ is available on Amazon.

Exercise and Health is a useful background resource to people using the Chester Aerobic Fitness Tests (Step, Treadmill or Cycle) when interpreting test results and giving advice to patients/clients on the benefits of regular exercise to health and wellbeing:

Please Note

A number of other retailers, including Fitech (a company in which Professor Sykes no longer has involvement with) offer similar aerobic fitness tests with the words ‘Chester Step’ or ‘Chester Treadmill’ within the title.

These are unauthorised copies of Professor Sykes’ work and as such he cannot authenticate results which emanate from these tests.

Chester Step Test Software

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