Your BodyMetrix Questions Answered

Your BodyMetrix Questions Answered

You can edit most of the client data such as height, weight and age from within the client profile. Although gender does use a different formula for calculation. We recommend recreating the profile.

Can I edit the measurement I have taken?

Yes – head to the trends tab in the software and then click on the ‘Show Data’ button. Here you will see a spreadsheet which you can edit with point thickness data. Just double click on the measurement you want to edit, make the changes and click.

How do I email reports?

Reports can e-mailed directly from the software.

Windows BodyView

If you are using Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail, check these are sending and recieving mail. If they are then BodyView will send client reports from the software as an attachment.

BodyView Fit Pro

When you first generate a report you will see ‘Email Settings’ on the top right. Click on the button and enter the appropriate settings. If you have any problems it may be that your email provider is blocking it. If that happens, create a Gmail account.


Ensure Apple’s mail application can send and receive email. If the application is working you can send reports by clicking on the email button on the report window.

I get odd readings when I measure the waist?

The waist can have 1 or 2 layers of fat which can sometimes make the measurements fluctuate. Watch this video below and if you still have issues contact us to directly to schedule some one to one training.

How do I customise reports?

Take a look a the following videos on creating custom client reports…

Body Fat Readings are over 60% What’s Happening?

Check the date of birth for the client profile. It is likely to be incorrect.

Does my BodyMetrix need calibration?

BodyMetrix performs it’s own calibration when connected to the software on your PC. It does not require further calibration.

How do I measure fat and muscle with cross sectional scans?

We recommend you watch this training video. For more support or a one to one demonstration get in touch to schedule a time.

Whats the admin password on my software?

The default is 123 if you have lost that email used to reset it.

I just moved computers, what do I do?

Email us for a new software link.

How do I delete client data?

BodyView (Windows) 

Open up in admin mode then  select client manager. Select the client you wish to delete and press the ‘delete client’ button.

BodyView Pro Fit

From the home screen select the profile tab and click on the ‘delete profile’ button, then search for the client and delete.


Open up the client profile then go to the profiles menu and select ‘delete client profile’.

What is Beginner and Advanced Mode?

Within the admin mode you get the choice of either beginner or advanced mode.

Beginner mode asks for at least 2 measurements per site which is ideal. But if these differ by more than 10% you will need to take a third measurement.

Advanced mode only asks for 1 measurement per site. This is for those who are comfortable taking accurate measurements.

We recommend that new users pick the beginner mode.

How do I choose athletic types?

Lean clients with little to no abdominal waist fat should labelled at Elite. Athletic is for an average looking client. They may have some extra abdominal body fat but are not what you would consider obese. Non-athletic is for individuals that have visible folds of body fat and appear to be obese.

 Where is the Serial Number?

Your unique serial number is on the back of the flight case of the box depending on the device you have.You can also see the serial number on the bottom right of the software when you connect BodyMetrix to your PC. If your still struggling to find it, drop us a note and we will help you out.

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